Vancouver VK About Verified, Unverified and Ineligible Times

About Verified, Unverified and Ineligible Times

Below is a run down on how times are verified.

Verified Time

This time has been verified by the Race Director and the time is eligible for the Overall Series Rankings.

Unverified Time

This time has been submitted by a competitor and is currently listed on the rankings and leaderboards, but is yet to be reviewed by the Race Director. The time may or may not be approved depending on the evidence supplied by the competitor. If the time is ruled ineligigble, the rankings and leaderboards will be recalculated.

Ineligigble Time

This time has been ruled ineligible by the race director because the competitor did not complete and finish the official course route, but the VK attempt has been accepted for the power rankings.

For the power ranking points you don’t necessarily have to complete the full course. For any of your attempts (failed or successful) please upload them all to the series, because you may still get power ranking points even if you fail to finish the attempt as long as there was a reasonable circumstance that prevented you from finishing. Some of these accepted circumstances are:

  • The weather changed and you took a safety-first option to turn back.
  • There was some hazard or closure on a course that prevented you from going further (in this case please let us know so we can warn other participants).
  • You took a wrong turn and didn’t make it to the finish point.
  • You took a wrong turn and did eventually make it to the finish point but not entirely via the official route.
  • You reached a part of a course where you were feeling uncomfortable with proceeding due to it being outside your level of comfort or ability and you turned back.

The last thing we want is someone having an accident because you tried to push through a part of the course beyond your level of ability in the attempt of securing a badge and some power rank points. Be safe, turn back, and you will still get marked as a VK attempt and get the attempt badge for the VK route. Remember, its often harder to come down a steep course than it is to go up, so bear that in mind when making a decision on whether to proceed.

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