Vancouver VK Guided Hikes

General Information

  • Hikes will be regularly added and updated on this page through the series - please check back regularly to see what is on!
  • The guided walks will be at a social pace and pace of the hike can be determined on the day by group consensus, but will always be at the speed of the slowest member. NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. The group will stay together at all time. However, if you decide at anytime you wish to leave the group (for example: by splitting from the group on the descent), we ask that you advise the group leader before splitting from the group that you are now on your own.
  • Participants seeking to come to a guided hike will be asked to sign up to the hike in advance on this page and electronically sign a waiver form before joining the hike. If no one registers for the guided course hike by 9pm on the night before the tour date, the guided tour will be cancelled. You are welcome to bring friends along on the hike from outside of the series, but our group leader will not be responsible for them.
  • We ask that you refrain from turning up on the morning of the hike without registering online for the guided tour in the days before (remember if no one signs up online by 9pm the night before the hike will be cancelled). To avoid disappointment, please register at least the day before, but we understand plans can change last minute. If you do turn up last minute, you will be asked to register and sign the waiver online prior to the hike departing at 8am, otherwise you will be turned away from the group.
  • The group leaves at the scheduled time on the dot. If you are not ready to go at the designated meetup location, we will leave without you.
  • Note: Meetup dates or courses are subject to last minute change or cancellation. You will be notified by email or phone of any changes.
  • Due to long-term injury to one of our hike leaders we are unfortunately unable to offer the originally proposed second weekend hike at this time. If you are familiar with our routes and would like to volunteer your time to lead some hikes please contact James at

Scheduled Guided Hikes

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