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Sea to Sky Vertical KM Course #5


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Start and Finish Instructions

Strava Segment:

Download GPX File: vk7-uncaged-lions.gpx

Start: The course starts just beyond Alberta Creek on the Lions-Binkert trail. To find the start, there is a fast flowing river and waterfall about 200 meters past the Mt Harvey turn off trail. The river is not the starting point but once you cross the river its a good idea to just start running fast from just past here. The course start and strava segment begins about 200 meters beyond the river around the next bend which is a dried up secondary inflow creek for the Alberta creek with the trail surrounded by lush greenery (ferns).

Navigation: Just follow the Lions Binkert trail. There is only one major trail off this trail, which if you follow the signs to the "Lions" before you cross Harvey Creek you can't miss it. Google the Lions-Binkert trail for more detailed instructions on this trail. You will ascend over a lot of rocky, gravelly and rooty terrain, before you reach the exposed treeless section where you will cross rocky terrain. Follow the flagging and paint markings on the rocks. If you are unfamiliar with the trail you might be looking around for them, so don't anticipate a fast effort on your first recon of the route. Eventually, the Lions-Binkert trail tops out and meets the Howe Sound Crest Trail. Turn left and follow the HSCT until you reach the high point viewing area for the West Lion. This is the finish area. If you are unsure just keep running until you reach the cliff overhang viewing area for the West Lion. This is past the Strava segment end point but will guarantee you don't stop too early!

Parking: There is now paid parking everywhere in Lions Bay. You will need to download the Flowbird App to pay for street parking $2/hr. There is a parking machine at the Sunset Parking Lot. More info here You can access the trail two different ways via the traditional access road from the Sunset Parking Lot, or via Trudi's trail from Mountain Drive.

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Uncaged Lions features the Lions Binkert Trail in Lions Bay and the best views in the whole series at the end of the VK course. Participants have a long warm-up to reach the starting position after two river crossings, where they will then ascend the Lions Binkert trail and then take a left onto the Howe Sound Crest Trail to finish the VK at the high point just before the West Lion viewing area. The course involves a bit more open air forest giving a more gravel trail than usual and a boulder field crossing that may challenge some competitors and slow times for those without strong technical skills. It is also the highest altitude starting course in the series, topping out at 1567m. Only the toughest competitors will rise to the pinnacle of the rankings on this course.



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