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Sea to Sky Vertical KM Course #4


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Start and Finish Instructions

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Start Detailed instructions are coming soon. In brief, begin the VK segment just past the intersection where the Brunswick Mountain trail and Tunnel Bluffs trail split off. To be safe with hitting the segment, start running fast from the intersection. I will have a photo of the exact starting location very soon. Thanks for your patience. Finish at the top of the scramble up to the saddle (not the final summit push to the true summit/heli pad). Please see the GPS track to see the finish spot. You DO NOT need to complete the final climb to the true summit of Brunswick for the VK course, there is some exposure which may unnerve some people.

Parking: There is now paid parking everywhere in Lions Bay. You will need to download the Flowbird App to pay for street parking $2/hr. There is a parking machine at the Sunset Parking Lot. More info here You can access the trail two different ways via the traditional access road from the Sunset Parking Lot, or via Trudi's trail from Mountain Drive.

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This VK ascends the Brunswick mountain trail. Once more this course is named after the famous battle in 1794 called the Glorious First of June. Brunswick mountain is named after the HMS Brunswick. Participants will have quite a nice warm-up to get to the start of this VK, which commences at the intersection of the Brunswick mountain trail and the Tunnel Bluffs trail. Starting in this location avoids a long flat stretch and keeps the course under 3km in distance. It also allows participants to finish on the saddle before the summit of Brunswick mountain (which has exposure). The series is avoiding placing participants in situations where there is medium to high risk – especially when moving fast, and thus is avoiding exposed terrain. Therefore, participants are not asked to summit the peak of Brunswick mountain, which can be a little daunting for those scared of heights.

This trail is one of the more challenging in the series, because it gradually gets more steeper and difficult as the distance goes by, with the steepest parts at the very end. The course will reward competitors who are patient and pace their effort effectively, i.e. those who don’t start out to hot.



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