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Sea to Sky Vertical KM Course #3


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Start You begin the course at the base of the Mt Harvey trail as seen at 03:55 in the video below. You will have to hike up almost 400-500m of ascent just to get to the start of the VK course so be prepared for a long day. You can find water near the start of the VK by proceeding 200m further along the Lions Binkert trail to Alberta Creek as I demonstrate at the 4 minute mark of the video below and then backtracking to the start of the Mt Harvey trail. For the VK, you take the Mt Harvey trail all the way to the summit cairn for the full VK course. There are no other trails on Mt Harvey so just follow the marked trail and you will be fine. Watch my video below to get an idea of what you are in for.

Parking: There is now paid parking everywhere in Lions Bay. You will need to download the Flowbird App to pay for street parking $2/hr. There is a parking machine at the Sunset Parking Lot. More info here You can access the trail two different ways via the traditional access road from the Sunset Parking Lot, or via Trudi's trail from Mountain Drive.

Video Demonstration


Most people will be unaware of the meaning behind the name of this course, which traverses up the Mt Harvey Trail in Lions Bay. The name refers to Captain John Harvey, the captain of HMS Brunswick who famously suffered a lost a limb in the 1794 battle known as the Glorious First of June, and who subsequently died from complications from the wound. Mount Harvey is named after Captain John Harvey and nearby Brunswick Mountain is named after his ship HMS Brunswick.

The course is steep and unrelenting, but not especially technical. It starts at the base of the Mt Harvey Trail and finishes at the peak of Mount Harvey. Participants should touch the summit marker to complete the course.



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