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Fromme Vertical KM Course #3


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The start of the route begins at the end of the Palisades drive, just off Skyline/Montroyal. There is free parking along this small culdasac. The google maps pin is here:

Start: From the end of Palisade drive you will see this. Walk down to three large rocks at the Mosquito creek trail. This is the starting location. Climb up Mosquito Creek trail, then turn right onto the Baden Powell Trail over the Mosquito Creek bridge. Climb up the stairs along the baden powell trail then take a sharp left onto Cascades. Take cascades up to Dreamweaver. Take a left on Dreamweaver and ascend for 30meters or so before turning right onto Executioner. Follow the switchbacks up to Grouse Mountain highway then take the Peer Gynt trail to the summit of Mt Fromme. Detailed photos and videos coming soon.

Video Demonstration

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This course pushes our 5km limit just a touch, but had to be included in the series, as its a fantastic route. Mosquito Bite is another course beginning on Mosquito Creek, runners will head up toward the Baden Powell crossing the bridge over the creek before heading left up the cascades trail. Runners then intersect briefly with Dreamweaver before embarking up the Executioner ascent trail that eventually tops out on Grouse Mountain Highway. Runners then connect onto the Peer Gynt trail for the long ascent up to Mt Fromme.



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